13 Essential Sales Call Questions for Freight Brokers

Sales prospecting often means cold calling as many people as you can, and hoping they all end in a hot lead or new client for your freight agency. However, people don’t take to cold calling quite as well as they used to. In fact, 200 million Americans have registered their phone numbers on a “Do Not Call” list.

So, what can you do to ensure you’re carrying out effective sales calls? Ask the right questions. A first call with a potential client will set the tone for the remainder of your relationship together. If you have the time and resources, it’s highly recommended that you carry out some research about your prospect and their company and industry before calling. And when you’re on the call, sincerely listen and ask about their specific problems and concerns, and — most importantly — offer help. Help them envision their business running a little smoother doing business with you.

If you’re not sure if you’re asking the right questions to set your relationship up for success, don’t fret! We’ve compiled 13 essential questions that freight brokers like you should ask on a sales call to help not only make effective sales, but build sustainable client relationships, as well.


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  1. Callum Palmer
    Callum Palmer says:

    The infographic does a fantastic job of relaying the tips you have to offer. I especially like the tip about finding out if anyone else, aside from yourself, handles the shipping. After all, you want to make sure that the two of you are on the same page when you’re shipping freight.

  2. Kathryn Wheeler
    Kathryn Wheeler says:

    Thanks, all! I’m so happy this infographic has come in handy for all of you.
    If there are other topics you’d like to see us write about, be sure to let us know!


  3. Arthur DeMarco
    Arthur DeMarco says:

    I agree with the author, asking the right questions is the best way to make a sales call. Starting off by getting to know the person and asking about their lives, and their needs is how I like to start. Questions will reveal what a person needs, and as a salesperson, it’s our job to fulfill those needs. It makes things a lot easier. Thanks for the graphic too, it was a helpful reminder.

  4. Max Sayer
    Max Sayer says:

    I don’t know very much about freight shipping and so I wanted to look further into it. I really appreciated the part that talked about making sure to ask the right questions. Getting all of the information right up front is really important and can make a big difference.

  5. Global Exchain
    Global Exchain says:

    Found your blog. Its really nice on courier. I appreciate your article. Its important to get quality courier services. So thanks for sharing all that important information.


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