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Watch LDi’s latest videos for the logistics/trucking community including freight brokers, freight agents, truck brokers, freight forwarders & freight sales executives.

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Work Smarter Not Harder thumbnail
Work Smarter Not Harder
How to Win More Freight Without Cold Calling

This free one-hour sales webinar will show you how to find information and engage prospects in ways you never thought possible.
12 Questions Webinar thumbnail
The 12 Best Questions to Ask Shippers to Book More Freight

This free one-hour sales webinar will goes through all 12 of these questions you can use to close more deals.
Future of Logistics thumbnail
The CRITICAL Future of Logistics

A presentation by world-renowned logistics specialist, Jack Ampuja, about the 2014 State of Logistics
Prospect Successfully Without Cold Calling thumbnail
Prospect Successfully Without "Cold" Calling
How to Use LinkedIn and Smart Calling to Get Through, Get In and Sell

Art Sobczak and Crystal Thies will demonstrate how to find and connect on LinkedIn, and specifically how to call, get through, and create interest with them using the Smart Calling prospecting process that thousands are using to grow their business.
Prospect Successfully Without Cold Calling thumbnail
Chad Boblett Interviews Logistic Dynamic’s VPO, Evan Gaskill
Check out LDi’s first-ever podcast where VPO, Evan Gaskill is interviewed by Chad Boblett of Brokers & Beyond, a podcast/blog-radio show featured on the AudioRoad Network. This weekly podcast features successful Freight Brokers that share principles, tips and fundamental practices that help propel freight brokers and their businesses to new heights. Listen to this candid hour-long interview that was very well received by the show’s listeners and even drew in its biggest audience turnout yet! Whether you are just starting out as a freight broker and new to the industry or a seasoned freight broker / freight agent - This podcast is a MUST-LISTEN!!!.
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