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Freight Brokers: Avoiding Disagreements with Carriers

Every freight broker knows they have to take good care of their customers. It’s the customer’s money that keeps you in business, so naturally you focus a lot on keeping your customers happy. It’s important to be a good partner to your carriers as well, however. After all, without them, you don’t have anything to […]

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Starting a Freight Broker Agency from Home

There are a lot of adjustments to transitioning from a freight broker to a freight broker agent, but one that doesn’t get talked about enough is adapting to the life of a home business owner. We’ve offered resources for how to write a business plan, file your taxes, and even estimate what you might make, […]


The Importance of Communication

The Importance of Communication   A note about today’s topic: the original question was “what are the biggest mistakes that Freight Brokers make?” The only problem was that after a little brainstorming around the office, all of the answers ended up being various ways to say “failing to communicate clearly, honestly, and in a timely […]


Setting and Meeting Annual Sales Goals

On the last day of 2020, we gave you some pointers on how to measure your success after a year that could politely be called “unusual.” One of the points that we tried to make was that every business is different, your business is different, and judging your business based on what others did wasn’t […]


Measuring success in 2020

At year end, most businesses take some time to look back on the prior year and judge successes and failures, and the outlook going forward. Sadly, for many small businesses, that discussion also includes serious consideration as to whether it’s practical, wise, or even possible to continue operations. Small businesses close even in the best […]


Hiring Employees

If your freight brokerage has reached the point where you’re considering hiring employees, you’re not alone. Around 20 million employees in the US, more than 15% of all workers, work at a company with 20 or fewer employees. Hiring that first employee can be a milestone for your business that helps determine your growth prospects […]

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Customer Reviews

Let’s start with a fun fact: the first known customer complaint is held in The British Museum and was written on a clay tablet 3800 years ago. The customer was upset that the wrong grade of copper was delivered. Etching a clay tablet seems like it must take a lot of effort, so it’s easy […]

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The Importance of Customer Retention

Let’s face it, landing a customer is hard. We don’t always like to say that out loud, because most of us make our living based on how good we are at landing customers. Being good at it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy though. According to sales consulting firm The Brevet Group, it can take 8 […]

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Sales and Marketing During COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented every business in the world with an unprecedented challenge, with Freight Broker Agents and the rest of the logistics industry being no exception. If you’re in logistics, your sales process is certainly different than it was last year. Considering the demand on the freight industry, you may have even seen increases in […]

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Should You Be Using Customer Relationship Management Software?

  Starting a new business or becoming a freight agent can be daunting, but CRM software is an important tool to make your life much easier, and there are good systems that are inexpensive or even free. What is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? If you’re a freight broker agent or performing any sales […]