How Freight Brokers Plan for Severe Weather

According to the US Federal Highway Administration, 12% of truck delays are caused by severe weather. Weather related events overall cost trucking companies up to $3.5bn a year, and there doesn’t appear to be an end to weather related losses in sight.

When to Purchase Cargo Shield Insurance

Damaged, lost, or stolen cargo is a frustrating but all too familiar scenario for shippers. Do you have a full understanding of how and when to purchase all-risk cargo insurance?

Step-by-Step Vehicle Safety Tips for Truck Drivers [Infographic]

From May 22 to May 29, the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles is promoting their first annual “Vehicle Safety Week,” and we want to help!

According to the DMV, the goal for Vehicle Safety Week is to draw attention to the need to make sure your vehicles are safe for the summer driving season. Simple ways to ensure your vehicle is safe is to check your fluids, tire pressure, battery life, windshield wipers, lights, etc. You can also check for information on the latest recalls that could affect your vehicle.

While the aforementioned list is important for all vehicles, there are specific safety regulations and precautions each class of vehicle can take as well. For example, there are more boxes to check off on the safety checklist for tractor trailers than there are on the average family car.

Driving tractor trailers involves both great skill and immense responsibility — for not only yourself and your truck, but for the safety of all others on the road as well.

Unfortunately, accidents involving trucks occur around 500,000 times per year in the U.S. Whether it’s poor weather conditions, a vehicle malfunction, or an animal crossing, accidents can happen spontaneously anywhere, anytime. To lower your chances of running into dangerous situations on the road, it’s imperative to do your best to stay alert and keep your vehicle in good working order.

To help, we’ve gathered these safe driving tips for truck drivers like you to keep in mind while on the road throughout the summer season (and all year).

Want to keep this safety checklist in your glove compartment? Click here for a printable version!