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Rather than coming from a salaried position at a large company or rolling an existing independent brokerage into a freight program, some of our freight agents start their own business after working with another LDI freight agent.

Tiffany is one of such agents. While employed by another agent, she became familiar with LDI’s technology, processes, culture, and had plenty of opportunities to work with senior agent recruiter Chuck Gay. When the time was right, she launched her own authorized agency with assistance from Chuck.


Tiffany’s Story

As Tiffany put it, she “fell into freight forwarding.”

“I wanted to work close to home, and there was freight brokerage. One jump led to another and here I am!”

“On a wing and a prayer,” she got into brokering, and discovered she was great at the job. The freight brokerage was run by another LDI authorized freight agent, so she entered the industry and trained on LDI’s culture, processes, and technology.

After several years the brokerage owner changed course, and Tiffany had the opportunity to work directly with LDI. “I called Chuck, and we made a way for me to stay.”

The biggest perk as an authorized agent is she doesn’t have to go into an office. “I work from home and watch my kids grow,” Tiffany said. Second to that, she loves the support she gets from the corporate team, particularly Chuck Gay.

“Chuck, from day one, has been welcoming and understanding. He lets me vent, understanding that it is never with malice. He gives me constructive criticism (okay, guidance). And sometimes he learns a thing or two from me!”

Why LDI?

When asked why she chose LDI as her 3PL of choice, she responded, “I was already here. However, part of what kept me was the mobile app and the technology. I can be truly remote and still work. LDI in general has been welcoming and I love the yearly meeting. I love being part of the family, even if I am distant cousin!”

At the end of the day, Tiffany’s business is all her own, and she has the support of a large brokerage to fulfill her promises to customers. “I am the face, but we work hand in hand on the back end (accounting, profiles, credit increase, issues) to make it look seamless as LDI to the customer. Simply put, they believe in my growth and assist in it.”

True Agent Autonomy

Tiffany has experienced the joy and freedom of running her own brokerage her own way because she partnered with a 3PL who believes in her. “Chuck and [LDI President] Evan have both gone to bat for me with certain accounts. They understood growth was organic and not necessary immediate. They allow me the ability to handle business and create structure within the accounts.”

Chuck Gay

Agent Recruiter Chuck Gay

She continues to expand her book of business to her specifications, and Chuck acts as a regular sounding board. “We check in once a week, because I come from a culture where that is what we do, along with discussing sales funnels, flow charts, and deadlines. And I know I give him WAY too much feedback and where we are with accounts. But I think that is important between his role and mine,” says Tiffany, “He has been my champion from day one. And this was before I even became my own agency.”

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