LDI Reaches Out to Former Celadon Employees

We’ve heard the terrible news that Celadon, one of the largest carrier companies in North America, has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This has shocked the logistic world, especially because so many good people are suddenly without employment right before the holidays.

In a beautiful gesture of community, a wave of brokerages, carriers, and other industry companies have opened their doors to those affected. LDI is no exception.

To our friends from Celadon’s sales bull pen, LDI is here to help. We and dozens of other logistic companies have posted available roles on the FreightWaves job board and other places. Please visit FreightWaves or JobsInLogistics for available opportunities that fit your skill set. Both are trusted friends of LDI and places we post our own open roles.

For as vast as the transportation industry is, the community is small. Let your friends know they are valued and there are great opportunities available in logistics. Those from truckload sales who might feel stuck without options are encouraged to call LDI for more information about opportunities.


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