Logistic Dynamics Inc. Enters 8th Year as a SmartWay Transport Partner

As a leading worldwide provider of transportation and logistics solutions, Logistic Dynamics Inc. (LDI) continues our commitment to track and report our carbon accounting practices for the 8th consecutive year. Freight transportation is one of the fastest growing impacts on the environment, and as consumer demand increases, we are committed to respond with the most efficient and cleaner transportation practices.

LDI is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay® Transport Partner. In addition, we’re happy to announce that EPA recently approved our annual submission of Partnership reporting requirements for 2018. LDI joined the SmartWay initiative in 2011. Each year, performance data is submitted and reviewed to qualify as a SmartWay partner.

“We are honored to be a SmartWay Transport Partner,” stated LDI Vice President Evan Gaskill. “LDI is fully committed to the SmartWay program by being responsible in how we manage our carrier network and choosing carriers that have demonstrated a marked reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and other air pollutants. The SmartWay program was a natural next step for us in our continuous efforts to minimize our own environmental impact while delivering world-class transportation and logistics services.”

SmartWay is a voluntary and cost-free program that supports companies’ initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight supply chain transportation activities. Operational strategies, data management tools and verified technology supports are provided. The SmartWay Partnership is a domestic and international freight and supply chain program that manages data for over 3,500 partners across all domestic shipping modes in the US and Canada. SmartWay implements its goals to lower freight carbon footprints by conducting analysis and research of freight impacts,  engaging with freight experts, anticipating and responding to trends, developing strategic resources and communication strategies, and serving as an international model. International collaborations exist with Mexico, China and other Asian nations, Europe, and Latin America.

“Logistic Dynamics knows that partnering with SmartWay is good for business, people and the environment,” says Cheryl Bynum, U.S. EPA’s SmartWay Director, “By partnering with us, LDI is demonstrating their commitment to sustainability through cleaner, lower carbon goods movement.”

Learn more about the EPA’s SmartWay program here: https://www.epa.gov/smartway/


About LDI:

Based in Buffalo, NY, LDI has a growing network of freight brokerage operations centers located all over North America. Our job is to arrange and manage freight throughout North America and across the globe. Freight agents rely on our expertise in transportation to make their job easier and business more efficient. Our quality service and innovative technology is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our freight agents and carrier partners so as to provide a custom tailored solution for each business. We’re proud of our unique combination of innovative technology, industry expertise, and a modern approach to real-world logistics that truly gives our customers the competitive advantage they need to succeed.

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