Logistic Dynamics, Inc. Added to The Gold Book of Transportation Brokers

Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDI) has been added to First Advantage’s The Gold Book of Transportation Brokers for consistently paying their carrier partners on-time over the past three years! The Gold Book lists approximately 1,000 brokers who consistently pay their freight bills in 30 days or less. Very few freight brokers ever qualify for Gold Book status due to the stringent requirements.

There are currently over 11,000 registered and active freight brokers in the United States but only 1,000 in the Gold Book which put LDI’s payment policies and practices in the top 9% of all freight brokers. This latest accomplishment serves as a direct reflection of LDI’s financial strength, stability and commitment to providing service above and beyond expectations.

About Logistic Dynamics, Inc.

Logistic Dynamics, Inc. is a Buffalo, New York, based third party logistics provider that specializes in transportation management services including full truckload, less than truckload and rail. Our mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality logistic services that offer our customers a competitive advantage. To learn more about Logistic Dynamics, Inc. please call 1-800-554-3734 or visit our website at

About First Advantage

First Advantage is a leading provider of consumer credit information in the mortgage, automotive and sub prime markets; business credit information in the transportation industry; lead generation services; motor vehicle record reports; supply chain security consulting; employment background verifications; occupational health services; applicant tracking systems; business tax consulting services; insurance fraud, corporate and litigation investigations; surveillance; computer forensics; electronic discovery; data recovery; due diligence reporting; resident screening; property management software; renters insurance and consumer location services. For more information on First Advantage or The Gold Book of Transportation Brokers please visit https://www.compunetcredit.com/CompuNetWebSite/Home.aspx.

Logistic Dynamics, Inc.

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