The Midnight Freight Broker Podcast

Join Recruiter Nate Cross and Agent Developer Joe Adinolfi as They Talk Freight!

Midnight Freight Broker Podcast

LDI is dedicated to our agents and their success! Now we’re delivering the best information straight to your podcast app every week, whether you’re one of our agents or not. Recruiter Nate Cross and Agent Developer Joe Adinolfi discuss industry insights, the best practices to grow your brokerage, and answer FAQs. It’s all found on our new weekly podcast, The Midnight Freight Broker. The first three episodes are live on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Pocket Cast, Google Play, and other podcast apps now. New episodes are released every Friday, so don’t forget to subscribe!

Meet Your Hosts

When asked about the purpose behind The Midnight Freight Broker, Joe replied, “We’re trying to spark a conversation. We’re trying to education people on what’s going on out in the market, what’s happening in the industry, and also to be a source of knowledge for somebody who doesn’t really know if they want to get into freight brokering; who kind of wants to learn some things.”

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“This is a full circle, full spectrum podcast here,” Nate followed up, “If you’re brand new and know nothing about freight brokering, you can learn something about freight brokering. If you’re novice, you’ve been doing it, but you want a little bit of help and you want us to answer some questions or talk about some topics, it’s a great way to professionally educate yourself.” He smiled, “If you’re a seasoned, professional broker whose been doing it for 50 years and you want to hear some younger annoying guys talking about freight and doing some silly but interesting interviews, you can still do that with this podcast.”

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