Our TMS can directly link to our clients’ internal


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order management software via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Advanced System

Our TMS can directly link to our clients’ internal order management software via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Let our TMS help you reduce errors and provide you with instant electronic versions of the paperwork you need.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) electronically shares and exchanges data including load tenders, proof of deliveries and invoices. Saving paper, hours of manual data entry and processing time is one of the benefits of EDI. These benefits mean your communications are more accurate and faster, and it has been an integral part of strengthening our relationships with suppliers.


To best serve our customers, LDi developed our own proprietary Transportation Management Software (TMS), LDi Freight, so that you benefit with real-time data and greater flexibility.

LDi Freight’s real-time flexibility translates into LDi’s ability to have a competitive advantage in securing carrier capacity for all shipments. It also equips us to be your best choice for short notice shipments.

LDi Freight manages all aspects of our customers’ freight including order entry, carrier selection, dispatching, routing and reporting shipment delivery.


Real Time Technology – To succeed in today’s increasingly fast-paced, competitive and complex market requires tools that are flexible, fast and functional which is why our Customer and Carrier Portals are in real time.

LDi created its own proprietary logistic solutions software (Transportation Management System, TMS) that is one of our most important and competitive tools. It gives us unmatched operational efficiency, speed and visibility for optimal pricing…all to save you money!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides LDi with greater efficiency with Advance2000 hosting and managing our tech systems.

Cloud computing is safe and secure, instantly and automatically creating back-ups of all our information. It allows us to share data in Real Time and dramatically decreases the chance of losing data.

By using the latest and best computing programs and keeping them “in the cloud”, LDi keeps shippers, carriers and the whole LDi network up-to-date in Real Time. This ensures shipments are delivered on time while keeping shipping costs low for shippers.

Online Customer Portal

Our Web-based Customer Portal allows clients to track and manage their shipments in Real Time, eliminating costly delays and miscommunication.

Email notifications of delivery, new invoices and POD documentation can be set up in the Customer Portal. Shippers find easy and instant access to their latest invoices and proof of delivery documentation for every shipment.

Online Carrier Portal

Our Carrier Portal site allows our partners quick access to our Loads.

Find available loads, post your equipment availability and check payment status instantly with the LDi Carrier Portal. Sign up for email alerts when loads meeting your criteria are made available or contact our offices when you find a load that meets your needs.

Invoicing and Payment

LDi offers clients the option of electronic invoicing and payment.

You can elect to receive invoices online to save paper and time. You can also sign up to pay your invoices via ACH or direct deposit.