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We joke a lot around here about the amount of people in logistics who happened to land in brokering with no previous education in supply chain or transportation. The reality is, as long as someone is ready to expand their existing book of business and is passionate about business growth, we’re ready to help them.

That being said, when Dan found his way to us in 2017, we eagerly brought him on for his academic expertise in supply chain and his years of logistics experience. Since then Dan’s achieved exceptional business growth by bringing his book of business to LDI.

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Dan’s Story

Dan graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in both Supply Chain Management and Marketing and has been in the third-party logistics business ever since. “I enjoy the great variety of companies and industries I’m able to learn about, solve problems for, and ultimately help grow through 3PL services.” 

Dan started brokering in 2008 and moved on to start his own agency in 2013. He recalled, “After being promised the world and signing on with a competitor in 2015, I was again searching for a new partner who would live up to my standards by 2017. After speaking with reps from a number of 3PLs over several months I had a conversation with Katie. I immediately knew LDI would be the best fit for my agency based on their size, personalized service, attention and commitment to each agent’s individual growth.” That would be Katie Ireland, LDI’s business developer extraordinaire.

Katie Ireland

Katie Ireland

A Personal Touch

When asked what he loved about working with Katie, Dan responded: “Aside from her fun and warmhearted disposition, Katie is always looking for a way to help our business grow and reinforce success. She is open to ideas and suggestions for improvement. She enjoys talking shop and works hard, but also knows when to just enjoy people’s company.”

Extraordinary Growth Support

When it comes to meeting his business demands, Dan knows he has the full support of LDI Headquarters. “I view my office as less an agency than a branch of LDI. Everyone at the corporate office has been extremely accessible and helpful with anything we’ve needed.” This has included employee recruiting and interviewing, data and reporting customization, personalized communications and marketing, sales calls and meetings, and more. “I trust and know that no matter what my business may need, I am able to reach anyone in any department quickly, easily, and get effective assistance/results.” It’s been because of this support that Dan has taken his $500K book of business and quadrupled it his first year. He’s currently on track to hit $3 million in revenue.

If you want to experience the business growth support Katie and the rest of the LDI family gives Dan, fill out an agency application today. One of our outstanding recruiters–maybe even Katie herself–will get back to you soon!

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