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There are a lot of freight broker agent programs out there among third party logistic firms. What makes LDI stand out? We’re exceptionally agent friendly.

Recently we spoke to one of our agents, Shirley. She originally came on to LDI through Nate Cross, and we asked how she enjoyed working with the company and Nate.


Shirley’s Story

Shirley originally got into brokering freight years ago because it was – and this is her word, including the quotation indication – “easy.”

Shirley did well brokering and built a strong book of business. Her customers were loyal, which she suspects is due to her attention to detail and a lot of sleepless nights, and they followed her when she left her previous company.

“It was my customers that pushed me to venture out on my own. I earned my customers’ trust and built relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Why LDI?

Knowing that she could do quite well with the solid customer base, she knew she had options for an agent program. “I could have gone anywhere with the book of business I have and been profitable from day one.”  There was something about LDI that made her give it a second look as she investigated different options.

Shirley prefers to manage her own customers and maintain those relationships exclusively. Knowing that LDI support is available as needed, she’s able to maintain her independent business with the backing of LDI’s corporate team without micromanagement. Shirley mentioned she “[…] liked the fact that agents could get medical and dental through LDI.”

Nate Cross

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Excellent Customer Service

It’s not just LDI’s business structure that impresses Shirley. Nate Cross, her business development contact at LDI, does everything in his power to support her. “Nate is easy to work with.” She said, “Anytime I need help with anything, he is available—even tries to respond when on vacation. If he doesn’t know the answer, he looks for it or refers me to where I can find it.”

Shirley and Nate clicked early on as they’re both strong proponents of excellent customer service. If you haven’t read our interview with Nate about his philosophy of excellent service, read it here:

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  1. Joe Adinolfi
    Joe Adinolfi says:

    Working directly with Shirley and Nate here at LDI I can confidently say that Shirley does make this freight brokering thing look “easy”! She is extremely detailed orientated and truly cares about her customers and guess what… it makes her a lot of money now that she has the ability to be on her own here at LDI! Loads of thanks to Nate Cross for connecting with her and showing her the difference LDI can truly make if you’re hungry!


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