Why LDI? Jesse’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Freight Agent Entrepreneur Profile

LDI supports any entrepreneur hungry for bigger and better things. You don’t have to look further for a more passionate entrepreneur than our freight agent, Jesse. 

Customer service oriented and just as focused on carrier relations as customer relations, Jesse’s grown his freight agency without constraints. By running his business on our proprietary TMS, LDI Freight, and utilizing our back-office support, he can focus on what he does best: brokering freight. Jesse completely owns his customer and carrier relationships, turning business partners into life-long friends. 

LDI Case Study

Jesse’s Story

Jesse entered the world of freight brokering unintentionally. A local brokerage offered him a position on three different occasions, and rationalizing that the pay was pretty good, he accepted the job offer. Jesse found himself working as a dispatcher with a heavy focus on carrier development. 

Pretty soon Jesse was brokering freight and regularly placed as a top dispatcher month over month. While he was earning plenty as a broker, he knew he was earning the company even more. When he crossed paths with LDI Recruiter Nate Cross, he listened to what kind of opportunity LDI could offer him and the money he could be keeping by running his own agency.

Nate Cross

freight broker earn

“Nate is genuine. Anytime I need help with anything, Nate is my go to; doesn’t matter if it’s after his office hours or while on vacation in Florida. I couldn’t have done what I have done without Nate Cross!”

Entrepreneurial Support

Every new entrepreneur needs support to launch their business. From the beginning, LDI supported Jesse’s ambition. “They gave me unlimited potential to grow if I wanted to.” Jesse said, “Marketing materials, Dormant accounts, and software.” For example, LDI Freight, the in-house proprietary software provided to all freight agents, keeps his customers organized, loads moving, and accounting clear. Moreover, the corporate support doesn’t end there: LDI is always happy to join a charity golf tournament to support a shipper’s cause! 

One of the Family

Nate is inspired by Jesse’s entrepreneurial spirit and approach to professional relationship building, particularly nurturing the carrier side. “Jesse is a service-minded broker that places just as much focus and attention on his carrier relationships as he does with his customers.” Nate said, “He frequently visits his carriers in person to ensure a strong relationship, and he assists them with dispatching backhauls as a value add, even though he doesn’t profit from those transactions personally.  He sees the big picture when it comes to freight brokering, and he’s been a great addition to LDI’s family of agents.” We look forward to many more enjoyable and successful years with Jesse! 

Why LDI?

In conclusion, when asked why he chose to partner with LDI to launch his own agency, Jesse replied, “Nate was the first to contact me but before we signed anything I was offered a few positions at a couple companies.”

“The top reason I went with LDI is plain and simple: Nate Cross. He went out of his way to answer any questions and help me in any way. We have mutual friends and grew up in the same area so made it very easy to connect. Next reason is LDI is in Buffalo and that’s where I’m from, so if I needed anything they were just a short drive away. Last was everyone at LDI treats you like family and are super friendly.”

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