Why LDI? From Golf Pro to Logistics Pro

Freight Agent: Logistics Pro

Even when you begin your career in one field, it’s always possible to start again in another. That’s what Jeremy did when he went from the PGA to freight brokering. What began as a seasonal thing during the off-season grew into his own full-time business with others working for him.

Before signing with LDI, Jeremy looked at 30 freight agent programs. He believed LDI would help him achieve the success he dreamed of, and we’re happy to prove his expectations correct. 


Jeremy’s Story

Jeremy originally got into freight brokering as “a way to make ends meet.” As he told it, “I was a Golf Pro and moving back from out of state while looking for a job for the winter until the season started. Quickly I found out the money, freedom, and ability to control my future would keep me in this career for good.” 

This PGA player went from not knowing anything about brokering to soon owning a strong book of business. Realizing his strength in this industry, he considered running his own brokerage and discovered the agent model. Owning a business could be an immediate reality. He spoke with trusted friends and past employees and urged them to work with him. “Naturally they were all hesitant not knowing much about the business and having very successful careers themselves.” Jeremy recalled, “I started by myself with a vision of building a successful office slowly. Within 6 months they started to see the results and one by one they have made the move over to my team, and my office is growing rapidly.” Jeremy is proud to say that since moving his book of business to run on LDI’s freight agent program, he’s quadrupled his revenue. 

Technology Built for Success

Jeremy looked at 30 freight agent programs, and of those he decided to operate with LDI. When asked why he partnered with LDI, he replied, “Really, it came down to LDI’s unmatched technology and family atmosphere. When I got to see the system firsthand and what it could do as well as how much easier my life was going to be using it, there was no doubt I couldn’t go anywhere else.”

Tom Simano

Tom Simano

Family Atmosphere

A tight-knit community feel was important to Jeremy, and LDI offered that. “From the very first conversation with Tom I could tell LDI was for me.” He recalled, “I wanted to be in a place where they cared about me, and LDI is that place.” Jeremy and LDI Recruiter Tom Simano had a great working chemistry right from the start.

 “Tom is on top of everything I ask about regardless of what day or time it is. He’s hilarious and constantly on point. It’s been years now, and Tom is typically still my go-to person for almost everything. I’m glad to say, he’s a good friend thousands of miles away.” 

Why LDI?

“LDI is on top of everything. From technology, billing, updates; if I need support in any way, they are on it faster than any company I have ever heard of, let alone dream of. The professionalism coupled with speed, it’s impressive how much they can handle. Everyday I’m impressed with what LDI HQ Staff accomplishes. They make the ability to grow my business so easy. I can focus on my customers and growing rather than getting bogged down in all the small details.” 

If you’d like to quadruple your brokerage’s revenue, fill out our freight agent application today. One of our recruiters–maybe even Tom–will get back to you shortly.

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