Why Own a LDI Freight Agency?

LDI is confident we can help freight brokers who want to become entrepreneurs. We can teach the operational side of running a business if a broker is hungry to own their own freight agency. Our recruiters, agent development team, and leadership are happy to train and mentor agency owners through the ins and outs of running a business.  

Therefore, when it’s time for a freight broker to break out on his or her own and hit the ground running, we’re here to support them. Nick is a natural born salesman and 100% a people-person. When he got into freight brokering, he knew this was the life for him. All he needed was the opportunity to break out on his own. That’s where LDI came in!  

Nick’s Story

Nick cut his teeth on outbound sales. He started his sales career as a skincare specialist, followed by global outbound sales for the stock market, and then spent some time as an insurance salesman. When he finally found freight brokering, Nick knew there was something special about this profession. “I am a person of making long term relationships,” He told us, and the interpersonal skills it took to succeed as a freight broker was a perfect fit.

Nick made the choice to open his own freight brokerage at a pivotal time. “I launched my business after a really tough moment of my life,” He explained, “My mom passed away and I decided to take that first step. I had learned about it in one of my previous jobs, and knew it was the industry for me.”  

An Act of Faith

When Nick decided to start his own freight agency from scratch, he needed a partner who would give him a chance and help support his brokerage growth. “LDI was my first option. They opened the front door to me and I am fully grateful for this.” Nick could aggressively follow up with old dormant accounts we provided and didn’t have to compete against in-house brokers. We let his professional outgoing personality work for him. Now not even two years into his own agency, Nick is on track to move over $2.5 million for the year 

Tom Simano

Tom Simano

Why LDI?

Nick has a great working relationship with the man who recruited him: Tom Simano. “Tom is a person who is always available to listen, provide feedback, compliments; I think he somehow coaches his agents without us even knowing it, and we go directly to giving results.” While Nick is in full control of his operations and book of business, he confessed to feeling compelled to deliver better results every month because of Tom. 

When asked how LDI continues to support his freight agency, Nick replied,

“LDI always makes sure our portal is working, is extremely efficient in new customer approval, and setting up carriers. All this makes for me to easily guide my people without any lack of systems or tools.”  

Join Us Today

Start your freight agency with LDI and receive the same dedicated support we’ve provided Nick. Fill out an agency application now and one of our topnotch recruiters–maybe even Tom–will get back to you asap. 

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