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Freight Agent Profile

It’s common for Freight Agent Programs to require a year of brokering experience from freight agent applicants. During that first year, individuals develop a good feeling about whether or not brokering freight is right for them. It gives workers plenty of exposure to the hurdles of the industry and get into the rhythm of the daily ins and outs. If just one year of brokering experience can give someone the know-how to run their own brokerage, just image what almost to two decades can do!


That’s how we met Pamela. Possessing immense industry knowledge, she had several customers she knew she could care for better if she could run things her way. She took the leap to launch her own business as a freight agent, landed firmly on her feet, and has been successfully running her brokerage with us for over a year.

Pamela’s Story

Pamela always enjoyed helping people. An expert with nearly 20 years in the industry, she knew how to solve her shipper’s problems. In turn, she created a very loyal customer base. However, she had a dream to take her brokering skills out on her own. “We started at LDI with a dream and a laptop,” She recalled, “literally sitting on the floor of our bedroom.” Since Pamela had the support of a large corporate office behind her from day one, she launched her freight business at full steam. “Within 4 weeks we had an office and were moving more freight than we’d ever dreamed of so quickly.”

Full Back-Office Support

Taking care of her customers is priority number one, followed by growing her freight brokerage to her heart’s desire. LDI gives Pamela the power to maintain the growth she wants while ensuring her existing customers are taken care of. “LDI is ALWAYS encouraging us, supporting us, and suggesting ways to continue growing. Their back-office support allows us to focus only on customer service and increasing our volume of freight coming in weekly.”

Chris Baszak

Chris Baszak

A Freight Agent Program That Cares

When it came to working with a third party logistic firm, Pamela chose LDI. “LDI believes in their people. If they could believe in me, then how could I turn that down.” The most prominent proof that LDI believes in her? That would be the one who helped get her started, Chris Baszak.

“Chris is not just our business partner, he is truly a friend and someone I care a great deal for.” Pamela said, “No matter what it is, Chris is ALWAYS right there for me. If I am sick, he’s calling Russ to make sure I’m okay. When I have a problem with work, he is right there to try and help find a solution.”

“I have never in my life, and I mean this whole heartedly, I’ve never met someone as kind, caring, and supportive as Chris is. I could not imagine a better partner to have.”

Apply to Join Our Freight Agent Program Today

LDI is honored to have Pamela among our outstanding freight agents! We look forward to many more happy years with her as she experiences steady and strong growth of her business. If you’d like to partner with a freight agent program that will support your business goals, fill out our freight agent application and someone – maybe even Chris – will contact you soon!

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