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Freight Agent Profile

LDI is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed. Brokers with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to treat their customers right are exactly the kind of brokers we want to support. When a freight broker approaches us with the passion to build their book of business on their own terms, we hit the ground running with them! We provide the technology, support, back end office help, and let those who want to run their own freight businesses have free reign to build success on their terms.

Russell is one of such agents. An established expert in logistics with a growing desire to be his own boss, Russell did what freight brokers do: he began to look for resources to help him get started with his own freight brokerage.

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Russell’s Story

Russell came to LDI in early 2018 while looking at different freight broker agent program options. He got in contact with Chris Baszak to learn more about LDI’s freight agent program one-on-one and how it could help him launch his freight business. Before any other freight program would even respond to Russell’s inquiries, Chris had the paperwork approved and was helping Russell set up his account.

“Chris is full of support with kindness and respect. I could not ask for anything more and could not imagine operations without him!”

A Trustworthy TMS

Russell’s been running his successful freight business on LDI Freight from the beginning. Being a careful businessman, the numbers are regularly audited and he said every penny is always accounted for. “We have had zero problems with LDI Freight and at the end of the load all notes and numbers are always perfect without anything missing, as long as we do our job correctly. LDI’s TMS has been perfect for our team and customers’ needs.”

Chris Baszak

Chris Baszak

Customer Service Extraordinaire

Every entrepreneur knows the nervous feeling that other partners may not represent their business as they wish. Fortunately, Russell can always trust LDI will treat his customers the same as he would at any point of contact: “Our customer service and satisfaction is a combination of both our team and LDI.” He explained, “LDI treats our customers the same way we do and that is a win-win for us all!” LDI wants Russell to keep his hard earned customers, and we make certain our service enables that.

And, of course, there is always his direct relationship with Chris. “Chris Baszak is a wonderful, professional man with a goal of what’s best for us and LDI combined. Chris will always keep LDI and our best interest at the same time. Sometimes my needs could sound petty but never ignored and always taken seriously.”

How Has LDI Benefited Russell’s Freight Business?

“LDI has offered us the tools we needed to launch and operate our business. After meeting with possible partners, working on licensing, searching for funding and planning for 3 years we truly thought we would never be able to open our doors. Today partnered with LDI we are grateful to open our doors every day with confidence we can operate 100% financially and professionally, giving us the ability to offer the best customer service to our customers in the industry!”

Want to enjoy the same support as Russell? Fill out our Freight Broker Agent Application and someone – maybe even Chris – will be in touch with you soon!

Keep watching LDI’s blog for more episodes of ‘Why LDI.’ If you aren’t following us on social media, what are you waiting for? We share the best curated industry news plus professional development articles especially for freight business owners.

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